Controlling the key parasites of concern in practice today

With monthly prophylactic administration, Prinocate gives the assurance of Angiostrongylus vasorum prevention combined with treatment of nematodes, effective flea control and much more*



Imidacloprid is a proven flea treatment that spreads through the lipid layer of the skin. Fleas are quickly affected on contact with the product. Unlike systemic treatments that require the flea to take a blood meal, imidacloprid works on contact with the fleas. Moxidectin however is systemic, absorbed through the skin and is efficiently distributed through body tissues effectively eradicating numerous internal and external parasites*.


Angiostrongylus vasorum has spread widely across the UK from its original hot spots leading to many practices’ preventative protocols needing the assurance of effective activity against this potentially lethal parasite. Used monthly, Prinocate is effective against L4 larvae and immature adults, preventing infection of dogs and reducing the spread of the parasitic larvae in the environment.


With the simple monthly treatment of internal parasites, Prinocate offers effective imidacloprid to kill fleas. Distributed through the lipid layer of skin, imidacloprid works on contact so there is no need for fleas to bite.


Sarcoptic mange causes a most intense pruritis in affected dogs and is zoonotic. It is highly prevalent in urban fox populations acting as a potential source of infestation. The feline Notoedres closely resembles sarcoptes though is not considered zoonotic.

It is relatively rare but occurs in pockets being highly contagious.

Ear mites are common to both cats and dogs.


With many treatments for Toxocara available in different formats of spot on, tablets and actives; Imidacloprid/Moxidectin spot ons have a strong track record of success for owner compliance with their widespread use in practice protocols and health plans.

With the pre-patent period of Toxocara spp.  being around 4 weeks, monthly treatment minimises the risk of infection and prevents egg shedding. Monthly treatment with Prinocate breaks the lifecycle of roundworms in their L4 stages as well as immature and mature adults.

Prinocate used monthly will control roundworms and help reduce environmental egg contamination.

Prinocate – available in packs of 3 and 24

 – Krka’s unique individually wrapped pipettes

 – Easy to dispense

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